A Leading Integrated Media Corporation in China

SinoMedia Global Limited and its subsidiaries is a leading media corporation. With the focus on consolidating an “Internet + TV” inter-screen communication marketing platform, SinoMedia actively develops “Internet Media and Content Operations” segment, and continuously improves “TV Media Resources Management” and “Integrated Brand Communication Services” businesses.

SinoMedia Global

Pte. Ltd.
SinoMedia Global Pte. Ltd. is a 100% owned subsidiary of The Media Group with its office strategically located in Singapore to increase exposure of the group and its assets into international markets. SinoMedia Global international expert team acts as a bridge and communication channel between China media markets and the rest of the world, breaking the language, cultural, and business barriers to ensure the best result and experiences for our clients. We are both a media buying, creative, and PR agency as well as a media owner.

CCTV (China Central Television)

SinoMedia is the largest CCTV advertising underwriter in China. SinoMedia OWNS and resells commercial airtime on channels 1, 4, 7, 9, and 13. These channels represent a wide range of programming such as general entertainment, news, documentaries, and infotainment. They reach out to key professional audiences with the upper middle class target market. China Central Television is the national television station of China featuring 11 channels with a daily air time of more than 200 hours. Boasting 66.4% of the programs produced solely by CCTV, it attracts more than 1 billion viewers, with a coverage of 90.3% of the population in China. CCTV has presence in 11 countries and regions as well as in the United Nations.

Visit www.cctv.com for more information.

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iBCP (Intelligent Brand Cloud Platform)

iBCP is short for intelligent brand cloud platform, it is an advertising management platform combining the functions of DSP/Demand Side Platform (Real-time Bidding), Private Market Place, Native, and TV advertising. iBCP is similar to advertisers’ independent advertising. It can build advertising strategies and plans, publish material, analyse campaign statistics, budget management, upload information, improve information; through registration advertisers can manage their advertising execution plans, modify their strategy or ads. With the iBCP, advertisers save a lot of time and resources. The system has different strategies for various target industries and products, but advertisers can still create their own strategies and plans. The iBCP algorithm is easy to use and intelligent, making it easy for advertisers to navigate its functions. With higher efficiency, ease of user experience, and strong operability as its objectives, the iBCP is a comprehensive and high-functioning advertising platform.

Visit http://ibcp.cctvgb.com.cn/ for more information.

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PR, Trade & Agency Services

Our media agency services specialize in Chinese media markets. Based in Singapore, the media hub of the Asia-Pacific region, we are bilingual, with deep understanding of the Chinese culture and market, business practices, and thus perfectly placed to be your gateway to the Chinese audience. We plan and execute media campaigns of online, social, mobile and digital media, print, and TV to raise your brand, public profile, and ultimately revenue. We focus mainly on the travel and hospitality industry such as travel destinations, hotels and resorts, tourism agencies as well as government bodies catered to develop outbound tourism in China.

Visit www.cctvgb.com.cn for more information.

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Lotour.com – Travel Online Magazine

Lotour.com is a leading experience sharing travel website in China. It is dedicated to providing the best travel content, advice, and information to the Chinese tourists and travellers. Its unique feature is the quality and structure of the travel and destination-related content highlights as well as the high quality of users with high spending power and frequent travel. It includes over 50,000 destinations! It features high quality photos and professional editorials as well as users’ generated content with bloggers and photos from freelance photographers. Lotour.com is the best media for destination marketing campaigns! Lotour.com is on weibo, wechat as well as Instagram.

Visit www.lotour.com for more information.

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Boosj.com – China’s Video Platform focusing on Lifestyle and day-to-day life of Chinese audiences

Boosj.com, a leading online video player focusing on lifestyle and modern culture in China. It features user-generated content, which enacts viral influence among the online communities.

Visit www.boosj.com for more information.

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Wugu.com.cn – An Agriculture Online Portal

Wugu.com.cn, focusing on modern agriculturists, integrates various aspects of agricultural investment, production and marketing to make it an authoritative and specialized modern agricultural information service platform. It serves modern agriculturists by establishing an online and offline exchange community. It eyes modern agriculturists by taking an approach towards specialized niche businesses, developing and delivering high value-added applicable products, thus bringing the agricultural industry to a higher level.

Visit www.wugu.com.cn for more information.

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